Overview of Abu Dhabi

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The largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi sits on 80% of the combined territory of the UAE. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is home to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and has a vast and extensive coast line.

Over recent decades, Abu Dhabi as an Emirate has undergone a massive transformation of grand proportions, unprecedented economic growth and development saw the Emirate grow exponentially and become a sprawling metropolis.  Due to the vision of Abu Dhabi’s leaders, and the abundance of oil and natural gas reserves, the Emirate has grown to become a dynamic hub and major player in various business and economic areas, which has allowed it to be a real contender on the global stage.

According to the figures presented in SCAD (Statistics Center – Abu Dhabi) Yearbook 2011, Emirate of Abu Dhabi is home to 2.12 million residents from over 200 countries, 20% of whom are Emirati citizens.

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